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We’ve Got This!
Music Video

The Virtual VBS Lesson Guide Videos will help you to use your VBS Planning Kit and lesson resources to teach your VBS program virtually!

The lessons correspond with the 5 Day program recommendations. These videos have step by step lesson outlines featuring Bible Background, Teaching Tips for engaging students of all age levels, and suggestions for activities to allow parents to reinforce lessons with their students at home.

Based on the “I’ve Got This! With Jesus” curriculum

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Virtual VBS
Teacher Training

Lesson 1: Trust

(Lesson 1 in the teacher book)
Luke 1:26–45
Mary trusts in God and invites us to trust God’s plans for us when we are facing uncertainty!

Lesson 2: Prayer

(Lesson 3 in the teacher book)
Acts 12:5–17
The believers in the book of Acts pray for Peter to be released from prison and invite us to pray for others!

Lesson 3: Hope

(Lesson 6 in the teacher book)
The woman in Capernaum had been sick for 12 years, but had hope that Jesus could heal her and she invites us to place our hope in Jesus our Savior!

Lesson 4: Hard Work

(Lesson 9 in the teacher book)
Nehemiah inspires the people of Judah to work hard to rebuild the city wall with him and invites us to do our best work to bring honor to God!

Lesson 5: Rewards

(Lesson 10 in the teacher book)
The servants in Jesus’ parable of the talents receive rewards from the King for their faithful work for Him and invite us to see that God rewards those who work for His Kingdom!

VBS Crafts Show

Step-by-step instructions on how to use this year’s VBS crafts.

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