Your Dream Vacation Bible School Program is here!

Growing With Jesus gives you and your church everything you need to attract, grow, and maintain your youth community now and for years to come!

Helping You Create the Biggest Community Event of Your Year!

Today's unique challenges require a new approach to keep your church community healthy and growing.

As Pastors and Christian education leaders, you're likely seeing it every day and so are we.

That's why we've reached out to over 100 leaders like you to understand what you need most out of your Vacation Bible School Program in 2024...

What we discovered will sound familiar:

  • You need engaging resources that captivate, inspire and educate
  • You want support materials that make it easy and painless to promote your upcoming program
  • You need samples and training lessons to train and facilitate your programs
  • You want catchy, memorable, spirit-filled music that'll keep attendees excited
  • You want to keep your kids engaged well beyond VBS
  • You want VBS to open the door to new members of the body

Growing With Jesus is your answer - giving you a complete AND flexible solution to deliver your program and grow your community with ease.

More Than Just a Vacation Bible School Program

Start at the level that makes the most sense for you and your church and grow as you need. Growing With Jesus is just the beginning of an experience that will give you the support and resources you need to go beyond the summer...

This the most comprehensive and easy to implement program that exists anywhere in the world.

Growing With Jesus will help you and your community:

  • Enhance Mental and Emotional Wellness: Our carefully designed activities and lessons improve the well-being of youth, contributing to peace and unity at home.
  • Elevate Academic Engagement: Watch as enhanced focus and better behavior lead to improved performance in school.
  • Strengthen & Grow Your Church Membership: With tools tailored not just for children but for entire families, this program attracts and retains members, revitalizing your church's spiritual and membership growth in-person and online.
  • Provide a New & Existing Member Springboard: By creating an exciting VBS experience, this program lays the foundation for transformation and connection that will be more fully realized after VBS, as a part of our Continuous Discipleship Platform.

Choose the Best Fit for You:



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Your go-to community of experienced, trusted leaders to help you keep your momentum for years to come.