These Teaching Tips are presented to give you additional tools to help you plan, teach, and learn as you prepare and present your lesson. Try these tips with VBS or with your regular Sunday School. Please like or comment on the tips. Your feedback provides guidance and support for our Christian Education Team. Thank you!


Be prepared.

First, read background information from several commentaries for your Scripture lesson and take notes. This will help you have a better idea of what was happening during this time. Second, read the Scripture lesson text and write any key words or events that standout. Third, outline the Scripture lesson and include some of the background information. Fourth, ask and answer, in what ways does the Scripture and background information speak to the lives of Christians today? What is the Holy Spirit leading you to write and teach about in this Scripture lesson?

Be creative.

Try something outside of your comfort zone. If you are a lecturer, ask someone to select a few songs or hymns that relate to the lesson that the class can sing. Show relevant artwork from two or three artists and have the class discuss it as related to the lesson. Change the seating of the class or where you stand. As you teach, move around the room. This helps to keep your students’ attention on what you are saying as their eyes follow you. This may help bring a different perspective to the lesson or new insight.

Be flexible.

No matter how much you plan, sometimes your great ideas and planning need to change to meet the needs of the class at that moment. Adapt your teaching as needed in response to questions and concerns from the students and know that things will be okay.


Exercise will help you not only to get in shape, but also relieve stress and give you endurance to teach. Remember that water hydrates the body, so keep a bottle of water on hand, and encourage your students to hydrate as needed. Use your exercise movements as analogies for the lesson. Paul put sport analogies to great use in the Scriptures.


Although prayer is a given, intentionally plan times to pray. Pray for each member of the class and the other teachers. Make a list of prayer needs from the class and pray about each one.

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